What Virtual Web Hosting Means?

VPS or Virtual Private Servers is a form of web hosting that is achieved with the help of a virtual machine. There are a plethora of options that can be discovered for VPS in the field of webhosting. This type of web hosting is best for those who receive lot of traffic and need tons of resources for the site. The best thing about VPS hosting is that, with this hosting you can have your own private sever and independent resource too. These resources will be able to work promptly because every account will be traced as separate type in the server. It’s good because, in this way you will never have to think about the entire server being blacklisted, because of the actions of other people on your website.

Virtual web hosting is a type of hosting that is sort of in-between shared and dedicated hosting, here though the server is not completely attained by you but you have managed to separate your account from others at nominal rates. The benefits of VPS hosting are

  • You can have a root access
  • You can select the IP address that you want to have
  • You can grab the opportunity to boot your VPS host anytime
  • You will never have to deal with any type of hardware replacements
  • Your account can remain isolated from other servers
  • It’s a lot cheaper than a physical sever

Why Should You Use VPS instead of any other form of hosting?


Once you have managed to attract huge amount of traffic to your website then this is the time when you have to upgrade your hosting services to a finer and better hosting tool.

  • Shared and dedicated hosting limit the POP and MAP, which does not allow the email users with the same IP to attain more 30 connections per hour.
  • Along with that, shared hosting even has limited advertisement frequency where the E-marketing mails are sent for about 500 mails per hour from a single domain. But, there are no such limits associated with VPS servers.
  • VPS bring high customization, security and unlimited domains that give your website the ability to grow with time without any type of disturbances.
  • There are different integral plans such as Linux VPS, Windows VPS and MYSQL VPS hosting that are specially designed for those customers, who constantly face fluctuation in their site because of endless traffic.
  • VPS hosting even comes up with amazing support system that will allow the customers to learn and understand more about VPS and how it works.

Are there any disadvantages of VPS hosting?

There are just a few advantages that one has to face only when they are not working with a responsive web hosting provider. The first disadvantage is that, VPS can be a little difficult to manage when compared to shared hosting services, but when you gain optimum support from the web hosting company that you can carry out the operations in just a minute. The next and the last disadvantage is that unlike physical servers there are a few things like CPU, RAM, HDD space that are still shared with a few people.

On Average, How Much Does Webhosting Cost?

When you search for a good webhosting provider using the online world then probably you are going to find tons of ventures that guarantee to provide amazing services at affordable rates. But, what is the exact rate that should be charged by them? Is your webhosting company charging too much for the services that it offers you? The answer to this query will be revealed only here. But before that, let’s talk about the type of services that you need.

Now website hosting companies specialize in providing three distinct hosting packages which are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. Each hosting plan has its own set of features, and the price that you pay for these hosting services is in accordance to the features that you use.

Free Hosting, Is it a good solution?


If you want to leave your hosting plan at the moment because you just heard of something extraordinary called free hosting then never do that. With a free hosting plan you are only going to lose potential customers that you had developed earlier with the help of paid hosting. Free hosting never come up with a well qualified customer service, this means that if all of a sudden your site goes down then probably you will have to wait a week or more to make it live again, after fixing the problem. Similarly, they are even going to interrupt your site activities with unwanted ad-campaigns and links, which are not at all associated with your site in any manner.

So How much does an average webhosting cost?

After being scared about free hosting sites, you might be thinking that how much does web hosting cost. Now you have to spend a fortune to make your site a prefect site, but on the contrary paid hosting services don’t cost too much. For example, if you hold a small business site in the online world or if you are an online entrepreneur then a simple $3.99-$7.50 per month will be more than enough for your website. At this rate you will be able to explore any form of web hosting with the requisite features too. And, if you are someone who owns just a usual blogging or portfolio site then the average cost for webhosting would be around $1-$1.50 per month depending upon the company and the type of features that you are going to select.

The final Verdict

A precise price range can only be predicated once the customer is sure about the features that they are going to use. But, on an average the common features that are offered by webhosting companies are quite nominal and can easily adapt with your site too. One thing can be noted here that there are a few webhosting companies that come up with special deals and discounts for their customers when they join their webhosting family. These deals and discounts allow the customers to save a hefty amount on the entire invoice for the services that they will use from the company.

Is Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting For Real?

The term ‘Unlimited hosting’ generally refers to a webhosting package that allows the customer to enjoy unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, and other unlimited add-ons like email capacity, domain and sub domains too. If there are so many things that incorporated with unlimited web hosting then the next legitimate thought that comes to our mind is that, they must be expensive! But that is not true, and here we are going to discuss a few factors that will make you realize that are cheap unlimited hosting for real or not.

How is Cheap Unlimited Hosting Made Possible?

Huge hosting companies have incomprehensible hosting capacity, which can never be exceeded through a single website at the same hour. Now, a website is only going to need just a few resources for its daily operations, this is the reason why most of the resource that is present in the servers remains unused (only for those who use unlimited hosting) and then the company just re-sells these resources for its share of profit. Some might feel that it’s an unethical way to sell something like this, but there are major companies who bring their unlimited plans at nominal rates and tend to sell the unused resources so that they can have a balanced profit.

Does this mean that cheap unlimited hosting is bad?

Absolutely not, cheap unlimited web hosting plans are just like the other type of hosting that are offered by webhosting companies. There is nothing bad or unusual about them, rather it works on an agenda where both the customers and the company can have their share of profit in a lineal manner. For instance, when you get your cheap unlimited hosting then you can save a lot of money, which you might have spent on other hosting companies and when you are unable to use the entire service that is brought to you then the left out portion is sold by the company to attain their share of profit.

How to pick cheap unlimited hosting that is best?

The world of webhosting does not revolve only around bandwidth; rather another essential factor is quality. Moreover, quality is the essence to find a good web hosting company at amazing rates. So try to be peculiar about the added features that are given by the hosting company, such as site builders, authentication, functional servers and a lot more. In this way, you will be clearer about the features that you could grab from cheap hosting providers and how useful they can be for your site to flourish.

The final verdict is that, “Yes, there are companies that bring cheap unlimited hosting plans for real”. All you have to do is look around and then pick the one that you think is best for your site. However, there are some companies that come up with value added offers and coupons which allow the customers to enjoy the unlimited services at unbelievable rates. These coupons can be used by new customers and as well as those who want to renew their hosting contracts.

I Need A UK Web Host?

A typical UK web hosting company does much more than publishing your site at the online world. They bring some extraordinary tools like site builders, secure shell access and a perfected technical support too. The best hosting ventures comprise of various packages that are flexible and feasible enough to adapt with any type of website. Carrying the technical aspect of web hosting for your site can be a little complex, this is the reason every web hosting company leaves the technical work on themselves and allow you to carry out easier operations, which saves your energy and time too.

What Should You Look for in UK Web Host?

Every UK web host is not the same. There are some features that help customers to understand how a particular webhosting company can be a standout amongst others. These include:


Hosting Packages: The packages that are brought by hosting companies vary from one company to another. But, a good hosting company will always give its customer a fulltime access to every feature that is supported by them. When you want a proper web hosting then you should be finicky about the hosting package that you need, as without a good hosting package your website will never flourish the way it should. This is the reason why webmasters always recommended to first be clear about the packages that they are going to need and then select the hosting company that brings the best service at the right value.

Ease of Use: Usability is the crucial aspect of web hosting. Now, the entire operation of publishing your site in the online world is quite a complex process which should be streamlined in a responsive way by the hosting company. And if your UK webhost is unable to accomplish it then the entire hosting process can turn out to be time consuming. Therefore, for finding the best host you can go for a webhosting company that brings intuitive interfaces that will give you a user friendly admin panel so that you can seamlessly mange your site without any complications.

Customer Support: It’s possible that your website can have issues at any odd hour of the day. This is why you should make sure that the UK webhosting company that you are going to use should have 24X7 customer support so that you can take help from them anytime and anywhere you want. Along with that, there are some UK hosting companies that bring documentations and tutorials for the customers so that they can understand each and every step of the site building process systematically.

End your Query with a Wise Decision

With the help of a proper UK web hosting company, you will never have to pay much attention towards the maintenance of the site. Instead of that, you can spend your time on tuning up the marketing strategies of the site and the rest will be done by the hosting company. This is because a good UK web host is packed with splendid features that help you in building your site from scratch, and allow you to maintain an easy to use website.

Get the Best Hostgator Coupons for 2014

Hostgator is a renowned webhost provider that comes up with enticing deals for its customers every year. The more you will start using the services that are brought by this web hosting venture the better deal you will be able to crack. Just like any other hosting company this web host venture always comes up with hot selling offers for the customers every year so that they can get the real value for their money. And, here we are going to throw light upon some of the coupon brought by Hostgator that have been all time favorite pick of customers.

Trending Coupon of 2014 by Hostgator

This year Hostgator has introduced its coupons in five different categories

  • Maximum discount on every hosting plan (Promo Code: MAXHGDISCOUNT)
  • One Month free hosting service (Promo Code: GASTOSAVER30)
  • Maximum discount for shared hosting service
  • Discounts of baby plans (Promo Code: MAXDISCOUNTSHARED)
  • Maximum discount of VPS hosting (Promo Code: VPS50CP)

How to find the best Hostgator 2014 coupon?


There are tons of hostgator coupon codes that can be explored today. Since there are so many coupons that are brought by this web hosting venture it becomes difficult to understand which one will be best suited for you. In such a scenario, the first thing that you have to do is learn to refine your search for the best coupon. For this, you have to make a note of the services that you are going to use from the hosting company and then start your search for the coupons in accordance to the services that you are going to use. For instance, if you need a perfected shared hosting service from Hostgator then all you have to do is look for the best shared hosting coupons and then use the one that you think is the best for you.

There are some coupons which are termed as “monthly coupons”, these coupons are best for those customers who have never used the services Hostgator and want to give their webhosting plans a try an minimal rates. One such coupon is ‘HostGator1stMonthFree’, which allows the customers to enjoy the endless world of webhosting services at just 1cent for the first month. Other than that, there are some interesting coupons like baby hosting coupons which can be used to avail maximum discount for shared and VPS hosting packages.

Why is Hostgator the best place for Webhosting?

We don’t only recommend Hostgator because of its exceptional coupon codes, but at the same time the features that are brought by this webhosting company are exquisite too.

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domain and sub domains
  • Free 1-click installer
  • cPanel powered hosting
  • Unlimited email space
  • SEO tools
  • $100 Google adword credits
  • Flexible 24×7 customer support

Along with this, Hostgator works on providing VPS, shared and dedicated hosting services at feasible rates through the best Hostgator coupons 2014. These coupons are easy to find and use too. Just find the coupon that you want to use, select the coupon code and apply it on the order page. Finally, you will have the discount that you always wanted.